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Reading Is My Passion And Was A Key To My Success

I have two real passions in life: listening to jazz and reading books. I'll save for another day, a discussion about my love of jazz. For now, I'll use some of the space on my blog to talk about books. I admit that I own a lot of books. My colleagues who drop by my office often crack jokes about how I'm running out of space for books. I can't prove it scientifically, but I believe that if a scientist sequenced my DNA, they would find buried somewhere in that long molecule cells coded for the two things I love to do the most, listening to jazz and reading. The bookcases in my home and office are stacked with books. I have books laying on top of books on my bookshelves (some books are even in stacks on my floor). I have boxes of books in my closet and in my storage space in the basement of my complex. Most of the books in my office are about race, gender, and class. I have books on race and politics, autobiographical and biographical books about important historical figur

Nein, Nein, Nein: The Rise And Fall Of Citizen Cain

Another Conquerors' Day, or as most Americans affectionately call it, Thanksgiving Day, has come and gone. But, I have something to be thankful for this Holiday Season: the Herman Cain charade – a presidential campaign that was nothing more than a front for an ego-driven self-promotion tour – is, thankfully, finally over . Thank goodness! Let's get real. Herman Cain was never going to be elected President of the United States. With the exception of perhaps former Alaska Governor and fellow perennial self-promoter, Sarah Palin, there has never been a modern presidential candidate who was less qualified to be the leader of the nation than was Cain (okay, Palin only flirted for years with the idea). In spite of his so-called charisma and rags-to-riches story, Citizen Cain lacked two qualities that should be needed to be President, character and intellect. Cain's character flaws have been on full display ever since he launched his bid for the presidency. There is, of course, t

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