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Black Freedom is Freedom for Everyone

The black freedom struggle has entered a more radical phase ever since the murder of George Floyd and the thousands of street-level protests that followed. According to Gaye Theresa Johnson and Alex Lublin, in their edited book,   Future of Black Radicalism , “Black radicalism refers to demands and articulations of freedom by Black activists, artists, and intellectuals on behalf of everyone’s freedom.”   Radical protests by blacks have centered on demands such as paying poverty wage workers a living wage, defunding the police, reinvestments in education, urban infrastructure, black communities, and local economies, guaranteeing access to quality and affordable housing, healthcare for all, environmental justice, and ending food insecurity.   In response to black radicalism, the right has intensified its long-standing opposition to the black freedom struggle through denying the reality of systemic racism and opposing the expansion of social safety net programs such as Obamacare that blac

The Mar-a-Lago Club: Trump, Conspiracies, and the Cult

After centuries of preaching to the masses and proselytizing people, once small, fringe pagan cults, evolved into the largest religions in the world – Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. These religions now have billions of followers. America has been home to a lot of religious fringe groups/cults over the years: The Branch Davidians, the Mansion Family, Children of God/Family International, Heaven’s Gate, and People’s Temple are a few of the most notorious. Add Donald Trump to the list of famous American cult leaders and QAnon to the list of homegrown religious fringe movements. Let’s give this new cult a name: The Mar-a-Lago Club. Through both preaching at his massive political rallies and proselytizing daily over social media, Trump managed to win control of the hearts and minds of the base of the Republican Party and establish himself as a cult-like figure with millions of mostly-white followers, men and women, young and old, rich and poor. To the faithful, the Mar-a-Lago Club leade