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Resistance to Trump And My Hope We Are Witnessing The Maturing Of A Progressive Movement.

Donald Trump is emblematic of an American democratic experiment in crisis. Trump is dangerous, lawless, and unfit to lead and never should have been elected President. He thinks and operates like a tyrant, not the leader of a Democratic Republic. I believe that his supporters know deep down that he is a racist, misogynist, homophobe, and xenophobe. But, they love him because he shares many of their values, makes them laugh, and sticks it to what they “believe” are the multiculturalist, cosmopolitan, secular, politically correct, sandal wearing, latte coffee drinking liberals, who hate America, and reject the values they “believe” the country was built on, such as, family, Christianity, liberty, freedom, hard work, and sacrifice. They have no interest in listening to any of us that point out the nation’s long history of white supremacy, heterosexual patriarchy, genocide, forced servitude, bigotry, religious chauvinism, militarism, and intolerance of the other. Nonetheles