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Joe Biden Needs To Find His Mojo Again With Black Voters

It feels a bit cliché to say that the 2024 Presidential Election will be the most important election in my lifetime. I also felt that way in 2016. I had the same feeling in 2020. I feel that way now because, well you know, it is the most important election in my lifetime. I must admit though that the anxiety I feel about this year’s election is worse than ever. Like most Americans, I’m not excited about a rematch between Biden and Trump. Neither paid attention to calls for them to step aside for a new generation of candidates. And neither faced a serious primary challenge. In other words, it is what it is. I do not have a problem with Biden or Trump’s ages – 78 and 81 years old by Election Day. I just reject the idea that they are uniquely qualified to lead because of their age and experience. There is a generation or two of very capable people in our country that could be effective leaders. So why am I feeling so anxious these days (so much so that I have been practicing the Canadian