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The Human Sacrifices We Make To Protect Our Gun Fetish

Our gun fetish is killing a lot of Americans. The recent mass shooting in Virginia Beach should remind everyone that nothing we do, including background checks, banning the sale of certain types of weapons, or refusing to say or print the name of the shooter, has slowed down the pace of “mass murder” in America. A staunch defender of the Second Amendment reading these words is probably screaming out loud, “guns don’t kill.” Yep, but “guns can be used to kill a lot of people.” And, with more guns floating around the country than people, mass murder will not end anytime soon. Perhaps it’s time to pay our respects to those who are making the ultimate sacrifice to protect gun ownership rights. Across the country, we have memorials to honor members of the military who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Just as we pay our respects to our fallen soldiers, we should pay our respects to the children, women and men who are sacrificed to protect the right to bear arms and stock